Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dickie and Rushbo are just giant whining babies

So I said to myself ….. just when is it that we DO prosecute?

Cheney is shooting his mouth off again about how the Obama administration isn’t capable of handling national security. Well you didn’t do such a swell job yourself, did you Dickie-boy? We got hit on whose watch, exactly? Not to mention got ourselves into a war based on a pack of lies that you and your cronies concocted, we lost respect around the globe, lost a tremendous amount of personal privacy, and we decided that the Geneva convention agreements were better used in the outhouse rather than be followed. Talk about talking your ball and going home!

I just want to know when we’re going to prosecute people that break the law. And don’t give me this “following orders” crap. We didn’t accept that excuse in WWII did we, now? Where do we draw the line? Killing people? Putting them in camps? Taking away all their belongings? Can somebody please define the line that separates “following orders” from “what in Sam’s hell made you think this was OK”?

Even comedian Rush Limbaugh was getting in his jabs today. Rush determines “the line” by asking something like “if it is your child that’s kidnapped, just how far would you want the interrogators to go?” Well Rushie, that’s just about as logical as men making decisions about pregnancy. If it was my kid, I’d want the interrogator to string the jerk up by his balls and torture him till he died. What other answer did you expect? Any parent worthy of the title is going to want to torture anyone that hurt their child. So your question is ridiculous. The question we should be asking is “Is it OK to do this to our uniformed men and women?” (How many times do you need to be reminded that we prosecuted people for waterboarding?)

As for the law, just as it is not OK for a parent to go out and shoot the person that raped and killed their child – because it is illegal – it is the same amount of NOT OK to torture. Because it is illegal. If you don’t like the law, change it, but none of us get away with just blatantly breaking it. Unless of course you’re Dick Nixon … pardoned for Watergate, Ronald Reagan……not prosecuted for the Iran-Contra mess …. And so on. Maybe if we’d have prosecuted Nixon and Reagan, we wouldn’t have Presidents and their compadres that keep breaking the law.

So button it, Dickie and Rushbo. You had your eight years and a damn fine mess you left us to clean up! Quit whining like a bunch of big babies who lost the game and let the current administration do their job. If they fail, we’ll boot their asses out, too.

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