Friday, September 18, 2009

The Trouble with Joe

Yea, yea. We’re all about sick to death of hearing about Joe “you lie” Wilson’s outburst during the President’s speech to the joint session of Congress the other night. Humor me, though. I have a different viewpoint on this.

I have no problem with Joe Wilson disagreeing with our President (whether you like him or hate, him he is OUR President, just as George W. Bush was OUR President): our Founders wisely set up a system of government that allowed for healthy debate and disagreement. What I have a problem with is Congressman Wilson’s lack of leadership. Yep, leadership.

Help me here. As far as I know, we still have a representative democracy – I don’t think that’s changed during my many years on this earth. And as far as I know, that still means we the people elect other people to represent us the people in Washington. We elect 100 Senators, 435 Representatives, and one President. (We don’t really elect the Veep; that choice was left to the candidtate). So…in Congress, we have 535 people to do the business for ALLLLLLLLL of us other folks here in our great country. Well I don’t know about you, but (a) I expect every one of these elected people to do the job we’re paying them to do, and (b) by golly I expect them to LEAD.

Now…. Leaders are, by default, role models. And therein lies the problem with Joe. What is he teaching the young ones? That it’s perfectly OK to disrespect the President in front of a nationwide television audience, that’s what. And what is he teaching the rest of the world? That we don’t give a rat’s ass about any sense of decency toward the leaders of this country, that’s what. So I ask you…can this be good? Of course not.

Let’s agree that two wrongs don’t make a right (so we can eliminate the “well so-and-so did such-and-such” argument) and agree that both sides of this mess we call a governing body have done their fair share of being complete jerks. I want to put that behind us and ask our elected leaders to do some leading.

I do NOT want Senators and Representatives that play to their base. They should be smart enough to know that the base will not get them re-elected, and the base will not leave for the other party, either. I want Senators and Representatives that want to do what is best for ALL the people of this great country. So here’s what I want ALL of us to say to our elected officials:

You are NEVER going to make everyone happy, so quit playing to the lowest of the low. Yea, I may not get everything I want in health care reform, but shouldn’t there at least be SOME reform? Everything the Dems do can’t be right/wrong, everything the Reps do also can’t be right/wrong. So how come all you “guys” up there on The Hill have to vote along party lines all the time? Why is it so cool to side only with your party and treat anyone stepping outside the box as an outcast? What the hell kind of leadership is this? And why the hell aren’t you speaking out against the left- and right-wing nutjobs out there? Why aren’t you demanding that people within x-distance of the President do NOT carry weapons? Why aren’t you insisting to the birthers that the President is indeed a native-born citizen? Lead, damn it! Barney Frank seems to be the only one amongst you with gonads! Talk back to the morons and work to LIFT the level of intelligent debate, not toss it down to it’s lowest level. For when you allow the nutjobs to run the place, you end up making ALL of us have egg on our face when the world sees Joe Wilson disrespect our elected President.

And THAT, my friends, is the trouble with Joe.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ramblings from a little left of center

Weird thoughts go through my mind when I’m doing work that doesn’t require brain cells. Here are some of today’s thoughts.

When any guest on any of the political shows says “let me finish”, I hear “waa waa waa”.

I would listen to Bill O’Reilly except that he seems to have a profound aversion to facts. Even when they’re pointed out to him. Especially then, actually.

Anyone that proudly calls themselves a “Dittohead” needs to maybe practice thinking on their own again. I don’t “ditto” the thoughts of ANYONE! Hell, I don’t even agree with myself sometimes!

Is there any excuse for Glenn Beck? He’s such a waste of good oxygen!

When I hear people say “I want us to get back to what our forefathers wanted” I wonder what they mean? Can you be more specific? Oh….by the way … if you’re a woman or a black person or don’t own property, don’t bother telling me what you mean because you didn’t count back then. (soooo…. Are you SURE that’s what you want?)

George W. Bush (43) loved to talk about his dislike of activist judges. Just exactly how does he think he got into the White House?

How come anyone still listens to anything Sarah Palin says? She was elected and quit…what kind of character is that?

Does anyone really believe that one party loves America any more (or less) than the other party?

Why is it so hard to accept a change in government? Hell, we all get another chance to overthrow the government every 4 years! Some people are just sore losers.

Why is the right suddenly aware of fiscal responsibility? Did you think these wars were free? Or the tax cuts? How’s that trickle-down economics working for you so far?

Why don’t we prosecute those that break the law? Oh…they’re Presidents and Vice Presidents….I guess they’re above the law.

Give me a reasoned argument instead of whiney bullshit and I’ll listen to you. This immediately discounts Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly.

Rachel Maddow is a reasonable human being! I highly recommend her show.

I wonder if Mary Matalin & James Carville have civil discussions at home? I bet they’re fascinating! I think it’s sooo interesting to talk (not rant) with someone that has differing views! It’s the only way to broaden your mind.

I love “the media”. I don’t want a world without them. I DO wish, though, that the honchos in the news business were still good gatekeepers instead of the money-seeking executives they’ve become. News is NOT entertainment.

When you watch the political shows of your choice, please remember that you’re listening to people in search of ratings. You need to ask yourself if even the host really believes what s/he is saying.

What makes Sean Hannity a great American? And why does he think every caller to his show is a great American …. Until they disagree with him? Then he gets mad, whines, and hangs up on them. Sheesh what a grouch.

I think the lefties don’t get mad often enough. Except for Keith Olbermann. He rocks. He’s like Max from “Network” – mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore. “Good night and good luck” back at ya, O-mann!

If we don’t require everyone to have health insurance, can hospitals refuse to treat the uninsured? If yes, then I’m OK with not having insurance. If no, then what’s the justification for letting health insurance be a choice? (In other words, who’s going to pay for the uninsured people?)

I hate the idea of government regulation just as much as the next person, but do you really think big corporations will be ethical without the Mommy & Daddy hovering? They certainly don’t have a very good track record so far, do they? Sometimes we have to hold our nose when we take some of the actions we take.

So….now that we’ve shipped all the manufacturing to other countries, and shipped all the servicing/help desk jobs to other countries….. just exactly how do we expect to employ people? What if the unemployed worked at the hotels in Las Vegas and picked the produce we grow instead of leaving these jobs to illegals? What would the unemployment rate be THEN? But …. I guess these government-program hating folks would rather collect an unemployment check.

If you really believe we live in a free market economy, you need to check your facts. We subsidize an awful lot of stuff, and guarantee the price of a lot of other stuff. Doesn’t sound much like “free market” to me!

Do you think we should have let the banks and the car companies fail? What do you suppose the unemployment numbers would be then?

Seems to me that the Democrats always have to raise the taxes because the Republicans always cut them so low the government can’t run. It’s a mad game, I’m telling you!

We sure could solve a lot of problems if every one of us spoke up every time we encountered cheating, injustice and unfairness instead of just closing our door because it didn’t affect us.

Obama is an illegal alien? Please!!!!!!!! These "birthers" are assholes; there's no other word for them. Oh and by the way, Kanye West is also an asshole.