Sunday, November 20, 2011

Planned Parenthood under attack

You know, there's so much to say about the Republican presidential candidates that I hardly know where to start. But I know this: if this bunch is all there is to chose from, voting for the Democrat is the way to go. That, however, is irrelevant to my thought of the day.

I don't get how the hypocrisy and contradiction can be ignored by people intelligent enough to inhale and exhale. Seriously. Just to go off on one rant: Planned Parenthood.

OK, you tell me you're pro-life. (I do not ascribe that term to the anti-choicers, but that's a post for another day.) Here's the thing. Already there is no ... NO in NOT ONE CENT of ... federal money used to terminate a pregnancy. Second. This is 2% of the business of Planned Parenthood. Not 90%, as Jon Kyl (R-Arizona) said on the House floor (then blew off as a "non-factual statement" ... seriously?). Most of what Planned Parenthood does is well-woman (and -man) care, and pregnancy prevention. "Planned" parenthood. Get it? Not "accidental" parenthood! Yet, the Republican Party has let itself be dragged by a few extremists into religious-zealot land. By saying/doing nothing, too many Americans are agreeing with this extreme position.

This fanaticism, for that is what it is, is threatening the lives of the millions of women that use the services of Planned Parenthood to stay healthy. Please tell me how you can say you respect life when you clearly want to remove means of care from these women (and men). If you disagree with your party about this, then you need to speak up. Now. Loudly. Often. Otherwise bad ideas will take over simply because good people did nothing (that saying is so old and familiar there's no need to attribute it here).

Speak up! If you're seriously pro-life, tell this crop of candidates - and your Republican representatives in Congress - that they should continue to fund PP so that there are far fewer unplanned pregnancies, and undiscovered cancers in the population of your fellow Americans. THEN perhaps you can perhaps begin to claim the "pro-life" mantle.