Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Runs the Country?

Yesterday I watched my usual selection of Sunday Morning Talking Head shows. I watched a few politicians be interviewed, but mostly it was conversation between political pundits and party strategists. Hmm. Who's minding the business of the people?

Today we're attempting to confirm a Supreme Court justice - which has, of late, turned into nothing more than a show for political posturing by both sides. Again ...who's minding the country?

Agendas abound! Pundits want more air time. Talking Head shows (both radio and television) want ratings. Elected officials want to get re-elected. Party strategists want to ensure their party wins the next election.

Who's minding the country?

Now really ... there's little doubt that Sotomayor will get confirmed, so why are the Republicans posturing? Is it for the good of the country, or the good of the vote count in their re-election runs? Democrats did it too, with Roberts - neither side is innocent, here! Is it too much to ask our politicians to do what we pay them to do? (For the record, OF COURSE we should have hearings! But they should be meaningful and productive, not the side-show they have become!!!)

I still say term limits would help with some of this.

As for the Talking Heads - I really wish they'd contribute to the conversation regarding "how ought we live" rather than stirring up misplaced passion in their listeners.

Just my two cents.

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