Friday, August 5, 2011

Anger and Unhappiness

I wonder why some people are so thrilled to be unhappy? Really.  There is one blog I follow (well ... I follow a lot of blogs, but right now I'm just talking about this one) ... that woman is one of the most miserable individuals on the planet! Honestly, every blog post has some level of woe-is-me in it!! I may have to stop following her even though I like her creativity.  I have another friend who is a mega-hypochondriac! She's "had" every disease under the sun! (In her mind, anyway) Remember when there used to be a "disease of the week" movie? Well ... she could star in them!  I don't see her much anymore.  Unhappy people are energy zappers. I'd rather zap my energy on about a zillion other things, thanks!

Then there was the road-rage shooting on the Buckman (bridge) yesterday.  One person arrested so far, and the mugshot is of one miserable angry-ass dude! You don't even have to talk to him to know he's angry - you just look at his face! Why are so many teenagers (yep, he is a teenager) so angry? The better question might be "what can I do to help/change the situation" but wouldn't I have to first know why the anger is there? I guess many of them don't feel their life is worth anything.  It's probably not worth much once they reach for a gun, is it? This kid wasn't the shooter .... maybe there's hope for him. He does appear to be the one that started the whole altercation, though.

I've read (more than once) that if you smile even when you aren't happy, you will get happy. I think it's true. Remember when we were little kids and the grown-ups would always try to make us smile or laugh when we were mad? There's something to it. I smile a lot!!! And it's not even fake. (OK once in awhile it's the smile to get myself out of a funk, but mostly it's genuine!! I'm a happy person! :-) I wish I could help unhappy people get happy.

Just had to get that off my chest.  Thanks.

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