Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Senator and Mr. Miller

Joe Miller, the Tea Party Republican candidate in the Alaska senate race, has just filed an appeal to the Supreme Court in his continuing challenge of the election results. The esteemed Mr. Miller has every right to do so, but in my humble opinion Mr. Miller shows blatant disregard for the plurality of voters of Alaska by continuing this fight. Ms. Murkowski (Mr. Miller's esteemed Republican opponent) lost the primary, yes, but continued on as a write-in candidate. Surprise, surprise! She got more votes than the other two candidates!

Mr. Miller is not questioning the number of votes cast for Ms. Murkowski, nor is he questioning the intent of the voter. Instead, Mr. Miller is attempting to win this Senate seat by questioning how the state counted the votes for Ms. Murkowski. Seriously, Joe? If a voter wrote "Murkowsky" instead of "Murkowski", you want the vote thrown out. Is the voter's intent not clear enough for you??? The voters clearly voted for her. Take your loss and try again next time. What does this fight do for anyone besides cost money and show that you're a really sore loser! I live in Florida - ask me about voter intent! I mean ... really, dude!

Mr. Miller disrespects his party and his would-be constituents by showing us that he's willing to do anything to win this seat even if it means disenfranchising the voters of his great state. It is but one sign of what has gone wrong with this, The Great Experiment: if you don't get your way you'll whine and sue and hold your breath until you do (except for Ms. Angle, of Nevada, who believes we should take up arms if we don't get our way!!) Bow out, Mr. Miller. It's way too late to do so gracefully, but bow out anyway and give the voters of Alaska the Senator of their choosing. I'm just sayin'.....

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